Conversation Starter Cards

Stimulate lively and fun conversations within your team and get to know each other better.

Spark discussion, build relationships

Designed to increase levels of curiosity in a team, this simple deck of cards provides prompts to stimulate lively, fun conversations around different and diverse topics, aiming to build trust, empathy amd psychological safety.

Conversation Starter Cards can help

This easy-to-use, low cost tool that will help to deepen relationships and improve connections within a team.

Conversation Starter Cards can help

Ideal for use for any level team up to 12 people who want to improve their relationships

invest in Conversation Starter Cards?

When there are low levels of trust and understanding between people, this simple but effective tool can bring people together. 

Moving working relationships beyond a transactional level

Designed to increase levels of curiosity in a team, Conversation Starter cards help teams move away from default settings of work or relying on just the dominant same voices to spark discussion.

These simple cards serve as a fresh new way to deepen relationships one conversation at a time.


Conversation Starter Cards include:

  • 93 cards, split across 4 decks
  • Can be used virtually or face to face.


“I tried this with my team as an icebreaker exercise at the start of our regional sales meeting. We learned so much about one another and it really set us up for a great couple of days, helping to build trust and break down barriers” 

-Paul Gibbons, MD, Corin UK

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