Leadership development and coaching

Giving your leaders the skills to lead

Whether you’re new to a leadership position or you’re an existing leader looking to build on your existing skills, we can help. With 25+ years of leadership expertise, we can help you identify and work on the areas in need of nurturing and growth.


Lead your team to success

Great leadership creates the conditions for success for your organisation, for your teams, and for yourself. But research has shown that almost half of employees feel their leaders don’t know how to improve productivity, leading to poor performance and low talent retention.

We equip leaders with the tools that help your teams increase their performance and engagement.

The tools of leadership

We use simple frameworks that will help to “demystify” leadership and create a shared, memorable language that won’t just increase performance; you’ll also have given your people skills that will last a lifetime.

This approach creates leadership and agents of change that are able to act as further catalysts for transformation, engagement and performance across the organisation.

Tailored to you

Our team of 70+ highly experienced coaches and facilitators run thousands of coaching and leadership programs. They can get the best out of your people through highly experiential activities, simulations, observations and conversations.

We have programs ready to apply to your specific area of need, or an awesome design team who can create an experience just for you.

Leadership coaching

Some of the common solutions we have developed for clients cover the following areas:

  • Accelerating team performance

  • Personal transformation 1-2-1 or group cohort coaching

  • Transformational leadership

  • Leading from the middle

  • Psychological safety

  • Conflict management

  • Executive coaching

  • Change execution

“The facilitation is not just in the capability and the skill, it’s in the mindset… I am partnering with people who care.”

-Claire Devlin

GM Capability Telstra

Leadership – not just leaders

Whether you’re looking for help in a particular aspect of leadership, or you want to learn how to impart your leadership expertise to the teams you work with, we can give you the tools and language you need to find success.