Leadership Foundations Workshop

The Leadership Foundations Workshop provides a powerful learning experience to equip leaders with core foundation Leadership practices and frameworks to navigate today’s complex world.

Leadership Foundations to fast track development

Leadership Foundations provide simple frameworks across core principles to guide a leader in taking effective leadership actions.

the Leadership Foundations workshop can help

Enabling Leadership at any level with a consistent robust approach that drives a healthy pipeline of leadership across an organisation with a mindset of accountability, trust and delivering results.

the Leadership Foundations workshop can help

Anyone seeking simple frameworks and insights to improve their leadership skills, they could be new to the organisation, new to the role or just looking to self-improve.

invest in the the leadership foundations workshop

By providing your organisation’s leaders with the right foundations, you will ensure a consistent, effective and embeded approach.

Take a moment to move forward with impact

This interactive online workshop session covers the key elements to enable new and established leaders to develop their skills.

The workshop includes:
– How to plan, problem solve and communicate with colleagues
– Leadership to create the conditions for success
– How to use multiple perspectives to inform decision making
– Evaluating effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement

The Leadership Foundations program includes:

  • A four-hour virtual interactive workshop with a minimum of 4 participants

Leadership Foundations is based on the theories of Distributed Leadership and Shared Leadership which propose that leadership “is a dynamic, interactive influence process among individuals in a group for which the objective is to lead one another to the achievement of group or organisational goals or both”

Leadership Foundations aims to make leadership accessible for everyone in the organisation through practical tools that can be adapted to all situations.

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