Learning Pod Coaching

Bringing the power of coaching to a group dynamic. Learning Pod Coaching is for groups of 3-6 peers who co-create individual leadership experiments to develop their skills as leaders

Embedding change in the real world

Taking innovative approaches to develop effective leadership, which focuses on continuous review and improvement based on ‘leadership experiments’.

Learning Pod Coaching can help

Pod Coaching significantly accelerates leadership development by helping others develop together, to share, co-create ideas and solutions as a group

Learning Pod Coaching can help

Intact teams, management cohorts or high potentials who want to make an impact in their role and on the organisation.

Invest in Learning Pod Coaching

When facilitated pod coaching takes place between participants, this increases the benefits and impact each member experiences.

Working together for bigger impact

During each Learning Pod session, the coach serves as a catalyst for the group. The coaching aims to provoke thoughts in individuals, but also facilitating group learning and perspectives as the Pod define Leadership experiments to progress their development.

A pod can be an intact team or small group of peers. Collectively the team work through the process, not only to build their Leadership capability, but also develop their ability to coach each other and provide robust feedback. The individuals are encouraged to take an innovative approach – always reviewing and continuously improving their leadership.

Pod Coaching includes:

  • 6 x group coaching sessions (3-6 participants)

  • Each session is 1 hour long and can be delivered face-to-face or virtually

When our coaches work with groups, there’s double benefit for participants.
Receiving expert coaching combined with the coaching between members, means the impact lasts beyond any “formal” learning engagement.

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