January 6, 2022

We say teams plural because just think about how many teams you’re in where you work. A quick scan round the LIW office reveals that, on average, we’re each part of six teams. Strategy teams, client teams and core teams plus others. We’re not a huge organisation either. We’re pretty sure that if you’re anything like the clients we work with you’re probably wearing many hats and juggling competing priorities in different teams too.

Are teams getting enough attention?

It just shows how we naturally turn to teams to help organisations thrive in this complex, dynamic world. The trouble is, we just don’t think they get enough attention. They’re often overlooked as focus switches between big organisational goals and individual KPIs and personal development plans.

We just assume that a team will always be there to make things happen, but we don’t give them the time or space to connect. To come together and agree as a group: ‘This is who we are. This is what energises us. This is why we come to work.’

Yet teams are more than just working through the project plan and getting things done. Teams connect people, help them to feel engaged and part of the action.

  • Teams come together to push projects over the finish line. They launch products and services, look after employees, clients and customers.
  • Your team and teammates keep you connected. They challenge you, support you – laugh at your jokes (sometimes), share ideas and meet you for a coffee and chat when you need a boost or fresh perspective.
  • Teams give people purpose, direction and context. A reason to do the work.

That, in a nutshell is why we champion teams and why we’ll keep on shouting about them throughout 2022. We’ll keep on sharing our know-how and experience so that you can help your teams become the success show you know they can be.

So, go on, what can you do to celebrate your teams this year?

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