Leadership Update – December 2022

December 6, 2022

Relationships first, always 

As the calendar turns to December and the march to the end of 2022 gathers pace, the final Leadership Update of the year is dedicated to our workplace relationships and the conversations that sustain and nurture them.  

Because while the end of the year might signal time to review the successes and achievements of the year, are people in the right place mentally to have those conversations? Equally, can you be sure that a new mental health and well-being initiative is enough to alleviate the workplace pressures people are under? Or do we need to pay more attention to the simple, everyday interactions and conversations that do so much to build strong, enduring relationships? 

Join Andy and Juliet as they chat about the themes emerging from this month’s Leadership Update including conversations and retros, the benefit of involving the whole team in goal setting and how much we can still learn about leadership from the late Queen Elizabeth II.  

 We hope you enjoy the final Leadership Update of the year, and that you’ll join us for more in 2023.  

Research in leadership

Every month we curate the most interesting research in leadership and present you with a summary to help you find the most valuable insights for you and your organisation.

Addressing employee burnout: Are you solving the right problem?

Rates of burnout are rising around the world and employers are responding with programs to support mental health and wellbeing. But are they addressing the symptoms and not the cause? A review of work practices and behaviours may be better for companies and staff.

Setting Career Goals When You Feel Overwhelmed

End of the year/time to do some goal-setting? But how to motivate yourself in times of uncertainty? Research in HBR suggests that setting goals with a growth mindset and building in progress and pivot points will help to make goals achievable. End this year on a high!

Finishing Strong: Leadership Lessons From A Queen's Legacy

How to end the year strong? In Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas broadcasts she consistently sought to connect and unify the country. To quote her.. ‘we know the reward is peace on Earth, goodwill towards men, but we cannot win it without determination and concerted effort’

I'll Believe for You

As a leader the greatest gift you can give someone is your belief for them says Korn Ferry CEO. When you demonstrate that you not only believe in them but truly believe for them then fear turns into confidence and ambivalence into motivation. Who should you believe for?

The state of employee engagement 2022

As organisations grapple with the best way to structure work in a post-pandemic world WorkBuzz finds HR leaders focusing on the employee experience, listening and building cultures to meet employee expectations. 37% employers now survey staff at least quarterly.

Building Relationships vs. Getting Down to Business

Andy Molinsky reflects on team culture and the complications when national cultures clash with team culture and context. In the end as a leader and as a team you should decide purposefully on the culture you want to develop in order to achieve your goals together.

Data ethics: What it means and what it takes

McKinsey offers practical advice on data ethics – starting with clarity in why you take data privacy and permissions seriously and the importance of having an aligned policy across the business. GDPR can provide the basics, but companies need to add their own values.

Beyond “Agree to Disagree”: Why Leaders Need to Foster a Culture of Productive Disagreement and Debate

BCG reminds us that fostering a culture of productive disagreement is essential for innovation, decision making and performance. This culture starts at the top and has to be supported and rewarded by the organisation so that people have the courage to speak out.

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