August 27, 2020

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW 

If you’ve not been feeling quite yourself this week, don’t worry, it’s probably a natural side-effect of the prolonged change in working habits.

Recent research into the impact of COVID -19 and the Workplace  points to a new phenomenon called ‘workplace loneliness’. Without informal workmate catch-ups, office banter or kitchen-room chit-chat to fill our days, our mental well-being can deteriorate. To the point, it seems, that we misread the virtual non-verbal cues of others through our always-on screens and worry that we are missing out in some way.

What does this mean for leadership?

Virtual communication amplifies opportunities for miscommunication. Humans are social beings and however stoic we are, we need connection to fill up the well-being tanks and combat loneliness.

Ditch the to-do list, have a virtual lunch together, have a laugh, and connect like you did.

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