May 13, 2021

By Juliet Hammond, Research and Data Analytics Lead

DDI research highlights the importance of leadership as we emerge from the pandemic and Deloitte recognize the unique value of superteams – combining people and technology to amplify impact and drive business outcomes.

BCG research finds that innovation will be the key to success but few organisations are innovation-ready. Research from the CIPD tells us that employee wellbeing is rising up the corporate agenda and McKinsey tells us that laughter is the key to leadership.

Dan Rockwell reminds us that one-on-ones are only valuable if we do them right, and research from HBR tells us that neither hyper-specialisation nor multitasking is ideal – we need a balance of passion and focus to achieve the best results

What does this mean for leadership?

Leaders keep themselves and their squads up to date on the latest thinking so click here for links to all the research highlighted above and more!

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