July 4, 2019

By Andy Chevis, Managing Consultant, LIW

I was in a client’s board meeting the other day feeling very uneasy. I was lost, struggling to understand the strategy being presented.  Just before panic set in, I started wondering – If I’m struggling to understand, am I the only one?

It’s a moment where, as a facilitator you put your reputation on the line. I gingerly raised my hand and admitted I was confused.  At this point three other people in the room sighed in unison and exclaimed that they were too.

What does this mean for leadership?

When it comes to clarity there’s the information but there’s also understanding. If others aren’t clear then results will suffer.  So, if you really want people to perform, make sure they understand your plan. How do you do that? Simple, just ask them what they have understood!


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