April 30, 2020

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

In a week when a toilet roll cost more than a barrel of oil, it’s probably best not to take things too seriously.

Some excellent Lockdown Lingo is emerging which should help. ‘The elephant in the Zoom’ is the glaring issue during a videoconference that nobody feels able to mention. Putting on weight in quarantine is, brilliantly, ‘fattening the curve’.

What does this mean for leadership?

Research shows that the tiredness you are feeling from hours of virtual calls is not in your imagination. The real ‘elephant in the Zoom’ could be our lack of motivation, our frustration or many other things.

Let’s be clear: we are not working from home, we are coping with a pandemic. So be kind (to yourself and others).

And have a bit of a giggle.

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