March 3, 2021

By guest contributor Dan Hammond, CPO of Squadify

It really feels like we are in the ‘groundhog phase’ of lockdown now so I was delighted to come across some inspiration while doom-scrolling through LinkedIn today: a conversation between Vas Narasimhan , the CEO of Novartis, and one of his coaches, Scott Peltin of TIGNUM.

Two things struck me. First was the message that if your good habits slip, be kind to yourself and let it go – just look for that next choice. Another one is coming along!

The second was that Vas blocks his calendar to set boundaries on when he will start and end each working day.

What does this mean for leadership?

Let’s be kind and look for that next choice.

And if the CEO of Novartis can block out his calendar, I reckon we and our teams can too. Don’t you?

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