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Special bleet: latest leadership research

November 3, 2021
As the autumn season sets in for those of us in the northern hemisphere and much of the world returns to a form of ‘normal’ post lockdown researchers are beginning to count the cost of the pandemic on workers, employers, and customers.

This month we are turning the spotlight on the impact on women and it’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, research suggests that remote working and zoom meetings might favor women as they are more likely to have a fair share of voice and flexible working can enable them to meet increasingly onerous responsibilities of work and child/family care. However, research from both McKinsey and the Economist finds that there is a danger that the return to office-based work will undo these benefits, and yet if they continue to work from home they risk being marginalized and missed out for promotion. CLO magazine is launching a series of blogs about the state of women in the workplace as data shows more women than ever have dropped out of the workforce during the last two years, and this trend is particularly bad among women of colour.

In other news, BCG urges companies to build resilience against shocks; research from Japan finds that the fastest-growing companies invest more in intangibles like brand and training; sleep is even more important for performance than we imagined – and yet we fight ourselves over getting more of it. And finally, McKinsey reports that as household size shrinks, people are turning to digital companions – whatever happened to communities?!

What does this mean for leadership?

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