Discover the data and insights on the real dynamics within your team. With a pragmatic, action-orientated focus it allows the team to have the right conversation about what is working and importantly what needs to change to improve Team results

Is your team is lacking energy or motivation?

It can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause issues within a team. However, with clear data and insights on what is happening in your team, you can take action to resolve the challenges and impact performance.

Squadify can help

Team members complete a survey looking at the presence and importance of key conditions of success. Insights are shared and an action plan developed.

Squadify can support

Teams who are lacking energy or motivation help them to get back to operating to their full potential. Suitable for teams between 4 and 12 participants

invest in Squadify?

Get tangible results on your team that can be used to make direct improvements to the team to increase motivation and morale.

Data-lead insights to make impactful team improvements

Team members complete a survey looking at the presence and importance of key conditions for success. A report is generated providing insight (not just data!) on what is happening across the team. In a 2 hour debrief the results are discussed with the Team taking then through the implications, suggested actions and creating an action plan to move the team forward.

Squadify is an annual licence and can be repeated as many times in year as desired by the team so the team can track the impact of the changes they have made over time and continue the conversation and experimentation to get the team operating to its full potential.

Squadify includes:

  • An annual licence allowing you to complete the program as many times in a year as required.
  • 2-hour debrief
  • Delivered virtually or face-to-face 

Squadify users report happier and more connected teams that deliver double digit performance improvement.

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