Team Acceleration Leadership Programme

Team acceleration for Intact teams is designed to help teams identify and create the conditions for their success, to deliver their unique value as a team aligned to business priorities.

90% of teams claim to be high performing, however only 17% are!

Is your team finding hybrid working challenge? Do you sense that the level of psychological safety is low? Are the real conversations, thoughts and feelings being hidden? Does your team just feel stuck? If so, Team Acceleration can help move your team to the next level.

our Team Acceleration can help

An expert-led facilitated conversation working through the unique phases of the Team Acceleration programme to explore, experiment and discover how the team can accelerate its performance. Providing practical solutions and techniques for long-lasting change

our Team Acceleration can support

Ideal for any intact team of 3-12 participants that are experiencing feeling of being stuck due to the challenges that come from hybrid working.

invest in Team Acceleration

With the emphasis on doing real work, the team learn by doing, the experience is highly pragmatic, and business / team focused ensuring that the approach and development is embedded.

Empowering teams to impact business priorities

Teams are the lifeblood of any organisation and therefore need to work efficiently. It is by effective collaboration that they can overcome the challenges of today’s dynamic environment and deliver business priorities.

It is within teams that shifts in culture can gain real momentum, and it’s here where the most opportunties lie to make a lasting impact across an organisation.

The Team Acceleration Programme explores the five proven elements of the right conditions of success.

Team Acceleration includes:

  • Each session is for any intact team of 3-12 participants.
  • The session is 2 hours 
  • Delivered virtually or face to face.

While the focus for many years has been on individual talent, research shows that performance is delivered by ‘star teams’ more than ‘teams of stars’. This means that when selecting, promoting and developing people, our focus should now be on their ability to contribute to teams.

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