Team Assessment Clinics

Is your team struggling with lack of innovation? performance? Problems with trust and psychological safety?

What we cover during your Team Assessment Clinic?

Our Team Assessment Clinics are designed to help Teams to understand the ideal conditions required for performance in their context and to understand what areas can be developed to accelerate their performance.

We’ll be tackling some of the common challenges that teams face, such as:

  • Building psychological safety
  • Hybrid working
  • What to do if your team seems stuck!

What will you gain during our session?

Either as a 1-to-1 or with other Team Leaders, the clinic is virtual and led by a LIW facilitator, guiding you through a proven process to help you understand your ideal team conditions and accelerate your team performance. The clinics are limited to a maximum of 8 delegates per session to ensure that they are inclusive of all team requirements, and each participant gains individualised insights and outcomes.

An understanding of the core areas to accelerate team performance

A deeper understanding of the priority areas of focus for your team

Practical solutions and expert advice to help you take your team forward

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This includes a 90-minute coaching clinic to tackle the key issues facing your team and accelerate your team’s performance.

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