LIW Privacy Policy

For the purposes of this privacy policy

This policy explains any personal data or information we may have, how we collect it, use it and how you can request knowledge of and access to this data or information, if you choose to.

When reference is made to “you” this refers to the companies or individuals who engage with LIW and any reference to “we/us/our” refers to LIW (Leading Initiatives Worldwide Pty Ltd).


Some of the key phrases used in this Privacy Policy include the following:

  • “EU GDPR” means the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679,
  • “UK GDPR” means the UK General Data Protection Regulation, tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018,
  • “Personal Data” defined under GDPR, where it applies to the individual, their information and it’s processing,
  • “Personal Information” defined and subject to Australian Privacy Law, Privacy Act 1988
  • “Sensitive Information” as defined under Australian Privacy Law, or “Special Category Data” as defined under GDPR.

Our commitment to your privacy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. You can be assured that we will treat your personal data and information in accordance with EU GDPR, UK GDPR and Australian Privacy Law, where the guidelines apply to individuals or organisations and their respective locations.

Business activities and functions

LIW is a global leadership consultancy. We only collect information for legitimate business interests which are necessary to our business activities and functions, including; promoting, offering, selling and performing both leadership consultancy, training/education and development and leadership-based surveys, collecting feedback, and related activities and functions.

Types of Personal Data and Information collected

LIW only collects data which is necessary to serve your needs and requirements as our potential and current clients and customers. This may include name, title, email, and business contact details. However, we do not hold any sensitive information or special category data, which may include details relating to religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, biometric or genetic information.

Any personal data or information that may be held in our systems (or our contractors’ systems) relating to an agreed delivery of products or services is subject to the privacy policies of both entities (our clients and ours).

How personal data and information is collected and why we have it

We collect this information through our website, communications with you including emails, telephone calls, voicemail messages, surveys, letters, competitions, events, and social media activities, as well as through communication with others or while running a program or services.

Storage and security of personal data and information

We take appropriate technological and organisational measures to secure your personal data and information and protect it from loss or unauthorised disclosure or damage.

All personal data and information provided to us will be held as long as reasonably required to deliver services to you or your organisation or as required for regulatory or legal purposes.

Any information held or processed by us will use cryptographic protocols (Transport Layer Security) that secures communication over a network. Data is also encrypted at rest in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal data and information sharing or data transfers

As an international business, working with our team and clients around the world, We may share your data with an overseas office or with partners (i.e. suppliers or contractors) who we engage to deliver a programme or service to you.

These partners include providers of individual or team assessment and diagnostic tools, podcast or recording services, technical production companies or similar, who are engaged as and when required, and when delivering a product or service to you. Please see our Privacy Notice for a list of our third-party processors located in Australia, Europe, Philippines, the UK and USA.

This may constitute a data transfer for which we take operational and technical measures to ensure that information is safe when it’s transferred through our systems including encrypted with Transport Layer Security.

In all cases where your details may be transferred, we use our best efforts to ensure that it is transferred and processed in accordance with legal requirements, and use partners who we have engaged in Data Processing Agreements in line with the Australian Privacy Principles, EU and UK GDPR standards, and US Privacy Shield protections.

LIW will never sell your data or pass it to third parties for the purposes of promoting products or services. Your rights to access, correct, export, or delete your personal information are not affected by these transfers and you are entitled to request access to your data at any time. You can do this by emailing a request to:

In the case of a data breach

We carry out regular security audits with external security experts to maintain high standards of practice. However, if we experience a data breach, we commit to inform affected users within 72 hours and to keep them informed as we progress through each stage to fix the breach. We also have a clear process for reporting and addressing any data breaches which is regularly reviewed and updated.

Access to and protection of your personal data and information

We respect your right under EU GDPR, UK GDPR and Australian Privacy Law and if you would like to access, correct, export or delete any personal data and information we may have, or if you have questions, or wish to raise a complaint or concern relating to data protection, please send us an email addressed to Jennie Brown, Data Protection Officer at We will aim to respond to your complaint or concern within 10 days. We will attempt to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with how we deal with your complaint you may contact the relevant regulatory authority in your country.

Data retention and deletion

Our data map records all of the data we collect and the retention periods that apply. Our data map informs our internal retention and disposal schedule as defined in our staff policy and procedures. We only retain data where it is necessary and reasonable to do so to conduct our business activities and functions or to comply with legal requirements.

Some examples are:

  • Program evaluations are retained for 12 months,
  • Participant lists are retained for 24 months, and
  • Employee contracts are retained for 7 years.

When data is no longer needed, we use secure methods of disposal. Compliance with our retention and disposal schedule is audited on an annual basis.

Website and direct marketing

If you visit the LIW website and wish to submit your contact details, you will be prompted with a Privacy Collection Notice providing information on collection or processing of personal data and information, including any potential overseas transfer of information if applicable.

LIW may use your personal data and information to send you direct marketing on any of our services or products which may be relevant to you. Our aim is to provide value in all our communications, however you may opt-out of these emails by unsubscribing at any time.

Website Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of computer code which remains on your computer. Cookies contain information which helps us identify your browser. A cookie can be used to identify you, either by itself or with other data that is generated by our website or that we or others may have access to.

When you visit our website, we will inform you as to what cookies are being used and what each one does. This information is provided in our Cookies Notice and can be read here.