May 8, 2019

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

It’s the ambition of many organisations to have ‘a customer-centric culture’.

It’s a worthy goal but culture can be elusive. As Justice Potter Stewart said about pornography in the landmark 1964 Jacobellis vs Ohio case, ‘you know it when you see it’. But how do you make it?

Culture, that is, not pornography.  Keep it clean, people!

What does this mean for leadership?

Leadership is about creating the conditions for success. If you want a customer-centric organisation, build:

  • Clarity: set organisational, team and individual goals built around true customer needs
  • Climate: invest in the front line, build processes that service the customer (we like simplicity, by the way), give people the autonomy to serve
  • Competence: build skills for the customer, be clear on expected behaviours and – crucially – demonstrate them yourself.

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