December 13, 2021

Our shared future

Imagine a world in 30 years where our grandchildren learn and practise leadership as part of their school curriculum. A world where people understand simple, pragmatic approaches to getting things done with others in schools, hospitals, NGOs, community groups and beyond. A world which is simply better because the currency of leadership has been democratised. The enduring and outdated cult of the individual leader is well and truly over. Leadership will be released. And the egalitarian opportunity of putting leadership in the hands of everyone, for good, will be created across the planet.

Over 10,000 people walk away from LIW’s programs empowered, inspired and confident to practise leadership with those that they lead with a positive impact. We know because we have spent years measuring it to see how we could be doing it better. Here are some of the things that we have found, aligned to the well-known mantra of ‘be, do, have’ – click the button below to download the PDF and find out more.


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