September 12, 2019

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

Greetings from England where even non cricket fans have been unable to avoid the news that Australia retained the Ashes. So imagine our delight on seeing this article about an Aussie defeat – this time in management ability. Ouch.

New research from LSE could help. It found:

  • Teams need three conditions: Clarity, Climate and Competence all correlate with reported team performance.
  • Put first things first. Clarity and Climate both lead strongly to higher performance
  • Get on the same page: underperformance is linked to the range of opinions about the squad by its members.

 What does this mean for leadership?

Focus on building the right Clarity and Climate in your squad to allow the people in it to use their Competence.

Get data on your team (here’s how) and talk about it. Agreement is the first step toward performance.

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