February 6, 2020

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

The Corona Virus outbreak is currently dominating every corner of our media. A recent article by Peter Hartcher focused on the impact of our actions in either fanning the flames of fear or containing them. The proactive management of people’s potential emotions is a key opportunity for leadership. ‘Confidence and harmony are hard-won commodities. Yet they are ineffable and fragile. Once shattered, they are very hard to put back together.’

What does this mean for leadership?

The Corona Virus outbreak is a serious event, but often we are faced as business leaders with smaller, yet important, contagious events that can range from restructures, product recalls, take-overs and people transitions. Failure to provide clear communication, build trust, confidence and above all ensure respect for all individuals concerned, can yield corrosive effects long after the ‘sickness’ has left.

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