July 21, 2021

The old complaint about organisations ‘working in silos’ can still be heard echoing through the (virtual) corridors of many workplaces. But instead of spending time and energy breaking down silos, there is another way.

It’s a ‘network of teams’ or ‘teams of teams’, or you might know it as a matrix structure.

Our multinational client adopted this approach in the face of significant challenges. Their executive team was disparate, lacking direction and they weren’t hitting their numbers.

They spent a year focusing on the executive team. They spent time bringing everyone onto the same page and developed a plan they could all sign up to and actively support along with the behaviours to make it happen.

The results are astounding. From flat revenue growth to double-digit growth 2 years running and improved employee retention and engagement.

To find out how we worked with this client and how we could help you turn around your executive team, contact us or explore our latest team and leadership research here.

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