October 17, 2019

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

Our Product Development team delivered a big release this week. This was by no means guaranteed.

Three months ago, the team used Squadify (the product we were developing!) to uncover the conditions in the team. We were strong on purpose, goals and commitment but fell down on ‘role clarity’, ‘decision-making processes’ and ‘talking straight without taking offence’. We clearly needed to fix the last one if we are to fix the others!

New research shows that straight talking is the condition that is most highly correlated with performance.

What does this mean for leadership?

Building a squad where people talk straight to each other is foundational. This month’s Squadify on the team showed that this is no longer an issue (for now!) and our overall conditions have improved.

How straight-talking is your squad?

You can answer that question! Just go to squadify.net and take a free trial – it will also give you micro-actions to help to build straight- talking and other conditions for success.

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