June 9, 2022

A complex world calls for organisations that can move quickly, adapt and innovate. You need teams that can innovate to bring products and services to market with agility, but we know that traditional hierarchies are getting in the way. Matrix, agile and cross-functional teams have opened up opportunities and delivered some success but it’s not enough.   

So, what’s next? How can businesses change the way they operate to survive and thrive? We believe that Teams of teams is the answer and in this guide we explain why. 

In this guide: 

  1. Teams: a missed opportunity? 
  2. What are Teams of teams? 
  3. From traditional structures & hierarchies to a network of teams 
  4. How to build a Teams of teams organisation 
    1. Leaders as connectors 
    2. Trust & psychological safety 
    3. The learning mindset 
    4. Team Acceleration 
  5. Teams of teams is the future 
  6. What next for your organisation? 


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