February 4, 2021

By Dan Meek, CEO, LIW

While so much of 2021 may feel like 2020, it’s good to get a fresh perspective.

Rutger Bregman’s new book ‘Humankind’, aims to provide ‘a beacon of hope for a frighted world’. It calls us as humans to challenge the negative narrative that is often both omnipresent and force-fed, and instead actively seek ways to build positive outcomes and a better future.

What does this mean for leadership?

It’s the simple stuff that we often need to be reminded of, that makes the biggest difference. Three simple practices can impact your team, organisations and customers – but it takes conscious attention.

1. When in doubt – assume the best

2. Think in win-win scenarios

3. Ask more questions

2021 could be the year with more opportunities to maximise the sense of ‘we’ that is inherently within our DNA. The humankind.

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