May 11, 2022

Any leadership intervention needs to have an impact for the business and the people participating, but measuring impact isn’t enough. We work with our clients to understand what it is that the business aims to achieve and translate that into meaningful goals for people and teams. Then we design a program that aligns directly to those goals and brings real work to the table so the program isn’t ‘an exercise’ but rather is an opportunity to explore, learn and apply new approaches to real challenges. We set objectives up front for leadership behaviour change and business outcomes, so that everyone has clarity around the goals and the measures of success.

A core part of all our programs is the way that we support and sustain leaders over time, so that the impact they achieve gets embedded in their everyday, as well as being passed on to their team and other collaborators/stakeholders. This takes many forms, including manager engagement, peer and formal coaching, periodic review connect sessions, pulse checks and online boosters. The intent is that leaders go on a long term journey of development which drives real change and impact.


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