March 1, 2022

The shift to remote or hybrid working is here to stay. So how do you avoid learning & development programmes becoming just another uninspiring video call? You need to shake things up with a highly engaging, interactive approach to support employees in their development.

Taking what works in radio, our FM format combines interviews, activities, dial-ins, input from experts and music to provide a powerful and engaging learning experience. It gives listeners an opportunity to step outside of their working day and enter a new headspace in which they are ready to learn and develop their ways of working.



How it works

Fully customise your radio shows with features, content and music that deliver insights and perspectives to help listeners develop their Leadership approach.  Regular features allow listeners to quickly get used to the format:

  • High energy introductions – from the hosts
  • Connect & reflect – reflection moments to digest the content
  • Leader FM business news – links into the client specific content
  • Do try this at home – insightful exercises and discussions to land learning content
  • Put it to the panel – pre-recorded reports and discussion
  • Interviews – live interactive discussion with invited guests
  • Music – select music or ask listeners to choose their favourite tracks

The Leadership FM programme is rooted in reinforcing and inspiring a culture of curiosity and learning through unique entertainment. It avoids L&D becoming just another video call and works globally, enabling anyone in your organisation to participate wherever they are in the world.

Transmit positive frequencies by boosting participation, inclusivity, experimentation and magnifying your team’s efforts and successes.

Here’s what our clients had to say about Leadership FM:

“Taking time out of my day to listen to Leadership FM gave me an opportunity to reflect on my role and how we were contributing to the business. I’ve been both deeply impressed and affected by the FM programme, and the team has too.”

“The Virtual experience is now my preference as it is efficient and effective and allows us to connect ongoing”

“I was very sceptic first but retrospectively I must say it was a great format loaded with lots of valuable takeaways that can be integrated in daily life. Thank you all for making this well invested time!”

“I was positively surprised. The radio concept managed to capture the group attention and the POD sessions with a small group allowed everyone to deeply discuss the concepts and experiences.”

See how the FM solution works in this video:

Or, if you want to get on air sooner rather than later, contact us here.



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