March 18, 2021

By guest contributor Dan Hammond, CPO of Squadify

A recent article in Harvard Business Review contained a treat for players of ‘Business Bullsh*t Bingo’. It is a term used by cultural anthropologists to describe a rite of passage and the authors suggest that it could be applied to the significant transitions in our organisational lives in the last year.

The term is ‘liminal experiences’. What bothered me more was the subliminal message in the article.

The authors used three personas to describe the upheavals of the pandemic. All three were executives, one of whose struggle included their ‘au pair flying home’.

What does this mean for leadership?

It’s easy to look first to our own troubles but it’s also important to note that others – possibly not readers of HBR – have had it worse.

To hear their voices, we will first need to listen.

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