April 22, 2021

By guest contributor Dan Hammond, CPO of Squadify

This week, 12 UK football teams joined a new European Super League that would include the biggest teams without risk of relegation.

Not everyone liked it. Here’s former Portugal forward Luis Figo: “This greedy and callous move would spell disaster for our grassroots, for women’s football, and the wider football community only to serve self-interested owners, who stopped caring about their fans long ago, and complete disregard for sporting merit. Tragic.”

It turned out the only people who liked the idea were the 12 teams and their backers, JP Morgan. The plan collapsed within 48 hours.

What does this mean for leadership?

At the very least, this could be seen as poor stakeholder engagement but, as ever, it’s deeper than that.

These leaders forgot their purpose: to serve the beautiful game, however ugly things can get.

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