February 10, 2021

By Dan Meek, CEO, LIW

Some days we feel like we’re stuck on a never-ending conveyor belt of virtual meetings. Human dynamics, clarity of agendas and communication styles are played out in the boxes on the screen before us as we strive to maintain momentum and drive for the right outcomes.

Jackie Weaver’s experience at the Handforth Parish Council meeting and Texas Lawyer Rod Ponton’s catface at a virtual court session reflected the good, bad and downright funny of how teams are meeting today.

What does this mean for leadership?

Catfaces aside, it’s no joke if your voice isn’t heard or your time is being wasted. Effective meetings strike a balance of clear, understood processes and an inclusive culture of a ‘safe place to share ideas’.

Lack of preparation, misplaced egos and dominant voices just make for a bigger ‘meeting after the meeting’.

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