March 26, 2020

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

This was an Australian’s Minister’s lament over the confusing messaging regarding the new ‘Corona 30-minute hair-cut rule’. It seemed that restricting your coiffure to a snappy trim reduced your chances of contracting the virus. But then 48 hours later – it was deemed that a full highlights and perm treatment could be added, and you’d still be ok. Mmm.

What does it mean for leadership?

Creating clarity at the best of times is tough. In times of crisis – it’s a paramount skill.

Clarity consisting of two components helps to steer clear of bad haircuts.

  • Information – how you communicate to your audience and
  • Understanding – how it will be interpreted

There’s a mighty chasm of misunderstanding between the two and it pays to really carefully prepare how messages might land.

No-one likes a bad hair day.

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