June 10, 2021

By guest contributor Pia Lee, CEO of Squadify

209. That’s the number ringing in our ears this week.

As many individuals are slogging their way through a daunting number of push-ups in support of mental health provision, those numbers are designed to be significant. 209 males die by suicide each month in Australia. There are 120 calls per hour to Lifeline and 1.8 million lack social support. The stats are more staggering than the effort to achieve them.

What does it mean for leadership?

Faced with today’s challenges, very few of us can honestly say that we are impervious to anxiety or a ‘blue’ day. Rutger Bregman’s Humankind reminds us that we are social beings, designed to connect, care and communicate.

Take a leadership moment to really check-in. Look, listen and wait for the answer.

Simple, but could be life-changing.

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