July 8, 2021

By Juliet Hammond, Research and Data Analytics Lead

As we observe the easing of lockdown restriction in some regions and start to move into a new phase of living with covid-19 we see researchers and observers reflecting on how businesses and employees will emerge from the dramatic changes of 2020/21. There is a strong urge to return to ‘normal’ but also a renewed energy to create a ‘new normal’ which builds on some of the positive change of the lockdown.  There’s been a positive change in the ‘humanisation’ of work as work-from-home provides an insight into people’s homes and families, and employers are increasingly considering the impact of wellbeing on performance and on the culture, they want to build.

The post-Covid return to work has raised the importance of wellbeing for employers and employers are finding they need to provide structures as well as the flexibility to employees returning to the office to avoid ‘reverse culture shock’. McKinsey advises holding back on making dramatic strategic changes until the post-pandemic dust has settled, but proposes instead adding strategy inserts to keep the momentum for change. BCG suggests organisations refocus on sustainability as the next competitive advantage.

Vas Narasimhan shares his learnings after 3 years at the helm of Novartis and finds strength in the challenges, turning scientific failures into successes, and investing deeply to build stronger relationships through the lockdown. Organisations are using emotion tracking software in their hiring decisions but are they misguided? The Economist questions whether a humanist approach is better than relying on machines to drive business decisions.

And finally, even if you are new you can still add value. The ‘dumb’ question can often unlock a new perspective and give the novice an opportunity to contribute to the team.

What does this mean for leadership?

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