September 2, 2021

By Juliet Hammond, Research and Data Analytics Lead

It seems like there is some optimism in the air about the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic being behind us – although our friends in Australia are just beginning their long lockdown – it’s not over yet! But research is turning to ‘the new possible’ and the importance of designing a future workplace that can enable people to work safely and support their mental health in a time of ongoing uncertainty.

Gartner reports that the top priorities for HR leaders remain skill-building, with a focus on execution and agility. McKinsey finds that HRs focus on data to drive down costs has been at the expense of relationships and that CHROs are trying to return to a more human-centric approach to have a strategic impact. They also suggest a slow and thoughtful return to work to experiment with hybrid structures.

The Economist reports on research that the switch to WFH reduced productivity in Asia – not because people were less effective in their work, but because they attended too many unproductive meetings! And an HBR editorial identifies the re-emergence of ‘returnship programs’ to lure experienced employees back into the workplace.

Research suggests multitasking makes us anxious but variety inspires us – it’s all a balance!  And research from Cambridge University Judge business school suggests that workplace failure could be harnessed to generate creativity.

What does this mean for leadership?

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