September 29, 2021

Whether you’re back in lockdown, encouraging your team back to the office, or somewhere in between, this week’s Bleet is for you. We know how complicated and challenging it is to be a leader at the best of times let alone in an ever-changing world.

So here are four thoughts to help guide you as you guide your team. Maybe write them down on a sticky note or on a whiteboard. Keep them handy so that when you feel like you’re drowning in detail and overwhelmed by project plans they’ll be your handy reminder to pause and think ‘Team’.

  • Vision: do you talk about your team vision so that people understand the role they play in bringing it to life?
  • Connection: Have one to one slipped into running through the task list? Opening a meeting with ‘how are you?’ will pave the way for people to talk about how they’re really doing and signal that you’re ready to listen
  • Team: It’s all about the collective, not the individual. What’s your data and insight telling you about your team and how they’re performing?
  • Big picture: Details matter but don’t get dragged down into the weeds. Keep your head up and focused on the big picture

For more detail head over to our ‘Leading remote teams in a post-pandemic world’ Purple Paper.

We’re always happy to talk about teams and leadership, so contact us to find out how we support other leaders and might be able to support you.

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