October 6, 2021

Cue lots of enthusiastic nodding of heads when we read spotted HBR’s article ‘Making joy a priority at work’. Because, if the definition of joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness who wouldn’t want to feel that at work? Why does joy have to be confined to our home and personal lives?

Just think about the camaraderie that a shared positive experience can trigger. You only have to watch a winning sports team in action to see how infectious joy can be. But how can you produce those same highs in the business world, especially if your team is scattered around the globe?

HBR suggests these three-pointers to help encourage more joyful moments at work and we think they’re spot on.

Harmony: people know their skills and talents are valued which fosters strong bonds between teammates and a sense of belonging

Impact: teammates know how their role contributes to their team’s success

Acknowledgment: successes, large and small are shared. Colleagues acknowledge, congratulate, and support each other, from informal shout-outs to more formal recognition schemes.

We’re all for empathy, joy, and kindness in the world and the workplace is no exception. Check out our Bleets for more thoughts on modern leadership.

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