April 15, 2021

By guest contributor Dan Hammond, CPO of Squadify

A new report by Josh Bersin on Wellbeing contains an urgent imperative for business and team leaders.

The report observes that early wellness/wellbeing initiatives beginning in the ‘80s were limited but in the last 10 years wellness has become more holistic and moved from the benefits role of HR into having a role in performance.  

 Indeed, Bersin’s research into pandemic responses in over 1400 companies found that ‘organizations that help workers take care of their families are 5.2 times more likely to achieve outstanding results than those that don’t’.

What does this mean for leadership?

The wellbeing of your team is now a key metric for leadership. If your team is well, you will do well.

 Investing time in the soft side of your leadership could pay back in hard results.

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