June 17, 2021

By guest contributor Dan Hammond, CPO of Squadify

This week, a group of Brewdog ex-employees wrote an open letter citing a “culture of fear” and “toxic attitude” at the company. They went on to say that a “significant number” of them had suffered mental illness as a result of working there.

While he did not quite manage to apologise, Brewdog’s co-founder James Watt committed the company to a program of change.

He went on to say that the challenge now would be how Brewdog can maintain the intensity of its expansion “yet be a better employer”. Wouldn’t ‘by being a better employer’ make more sense?

What does this mean for leadership?

To perform, we need to look at both ‘task’ and ‘team’. Far from slowing growth, a focus on team will not only deliver the tasks but also create the safe workplace that everyone deserves.

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