October 29, 2020

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW 

Quoted by the Dalai Lama, yet recent research concludes that “the modern world has rarely been so isolated and restricted.”

The juxtaposition of these views was broadcasted to the world yesterday when resilient Victorians celebrated, together, after 112 days isolated in COVID lockdown.


What does this mean for leadership?


Squadify data from thousands of team-members tell us that the rate of importance of delivering on commitments is much higher than strong personal connections. Yet ‘workplace loneliness’ and anxiety are on the rise.


Paying close attention to and fostering the social and human aspects of teamwork, by leaders, will not only accelerate the culture of our teams, but also increase productivity.


We are human, social and task driven. A key learning from this pandemic, amplifies how critical embracing all three, is to our mutual success.

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