November 11, 2021

In a complex and changing environment, a scenario currently facing many businesses, frameworks will help you to bridge the gap between strategy and action. Because when the sheer volume of decisions waiting to be made leads to analysis paralysis and fear of making the wrong choice, a framework will guide you in the right direction. The power of a framework is that it keeps you aligned by simplifying complex scenarios and breaking them down into manageable chunks. All whilst still giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Its boundaries keep you focused, but it isn’t a straitjacket.

We have four core frameworks we turn to daily – the three Cs (Clarity, Climate and Competence) and the three Ws (What do you want to achieve and why, where are you now and what next?) are just two of them as featured in our most recent white paper all about teams.

The prompts in these frameworks and others like them, help leaders and teams take action, bringing strategies and objectives to life even in an uncertain and challenging world. If you want to find out more about our frameworks and models, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk about leadership, teams, and organisations.

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