March 31, 2021

By guest contributor Dan Hammond, CPO of Squadify

Here in the UK more and more people are going ‘wild swimming’. This means taking a dip (very short in my case) in the ‘refreshing’ waters of our lakes and rivers.

My sister says it should be called ‘swimming’. Surely it’s the artificial bright blue chlorinated water of the indoor pool that should have a qualifier?

What does this mean for leadership?

‘Hybrid working’ has popped up as a new phrase that means sometimes working in the office. Should this not be called just ‘working’?

It rarely matters where we work anymore and the benefits of being able to choose are huge in terms of infrastructure, family life, improving diversity and reducing inequality.

The office – like the indoor swimming pool – should not be seen as the default with a bit of ‘wild working’ thrown in.

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