Organisational transformation

Transforming your organisational culture and performance through a new way of working: a team of teams

Thinking about how to keep your organisation relevant and competitive, or how to attract and retain the best people in the market? You’re not alone. The answer lies in a new approach: an ecosystem of teams.

Change is needed

For the majority of modern businesses, the traditional structures and transactional styles of leadership just won’t cut it. Research shows that these old constructs inhibit adaptability, flexibility, innovation, and efficiency.

LIW works with its clients to scale high performance “teaming” as a way of working. This approach creates a common language and processes to develop an organic network of teams (team of teams) that are always tuned to both your strategic narrative and the customer’s needs and experience.

We engage all levels of your organisation to help set or connect to the strategic direction and enable your people to build and participate in high-performing teams.

But what does that look like?

LIW3 Team meeting

High-performance cultures

A high-performing team of teams helps to build an agile organisation that people love to work for that enables them to do their best work.

A high-performing team of teams drives transformation, diverse thinking, and create their own environment of psychological safety. 

A high-performing team of teams creates a learning organisation that analyses how people work together in order to become even more efficient and effective.

A high-performing team of teams will elevate you above those outdated leadership constructs that are holding you back from even greater success!

“With LIW you look at your problems together. I utilise LIW to help my entire leadership team and eventually my broader team. An outstanding organisation that I would highly recommend.”

-David Loy, Director, Cisco

Prioritise your team’s needs

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