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Facilitation and coaching

The smartest people in the room

Your people are in experienced and respectful hands when they work with our facilitators and coaches, but as good as they are, they know they are not the smartest people in the room.
The way our facilitators and coaches work honours the expertise and unique experience of the people they are working with. There is no lecturing, no sage on a stage, no egos. Instead, our team act as guides, accompanying your people as they explore new ideas, experiment with new practices and create new insights. They are brilliant at drawing out the best thinking in the room through conversation and challenging people to consider alternative perspectives.
Whether it’s an LIW designed program or a development program that you have built in-house, our facilitation and coaching team can help ensure the effective development of leadership behaviour in your participants.
LIW3 Facilitation & Coaching
LIW3 cheerful young colleagues indoors co-working

Learning experience design

Doing to learn

Doing real work in the room. That’s just one of the ways we close the gap between learning and application. We believe that great learning starts through engagement, is amplified with reflection and is embedded with experimentation and practice. The programs we design are experiential, thought provoking, and we’ve been told quite a few times, life changing.

To achieve the business impact you need, we start every learning design engagement using our Design for Impact (D4I) methodology. This creates alignment throughout the process and gives us a way to measure effectiveness. From there, we leverage our Acceleration approach, the latest research and our experience delivering innovative learning solutions to co-create a learning experience that is unique to your organisation.

If you need to build leadership capability through a leadership development program or develop high performing teams, we can design learning experiences that have an impact.

Program management

High impact, low maintenance

One of the most time-consuming challenging components of delivering large scale team and leadership development programs is project management.

Our specialist team are expert plate-spinners and relationship builders. They care deeply about the end result, working with you as part of the team. They can project plan with the best of them and pivot when changes are needed.

When you partner with LIW, our Program Managers will deliver for you a seamless end-to-end experience that is high impact, yet importantly low maintenance.

LIW3 Program Management

Leadership, not just leaders

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